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How to solve the noise problem of the cone crusher

Author: Time:2019-09-05
The emergence of cone crusher has successfully solved the problem of hard rock material processing, but the cone crusher will have a great sound when it is operated as a large-scale equipment, which will lead to daily neglect of the noise problem caused by the cone crusher work. The noise problem, below for everyone to summarize.

1. The matching clearance of the main components of the equipment. The matching clearance between the main shaft of the cone crusher and the tapered bushing is more complicated than that of the ordinary sliding bearing. The gap value is large and different, and the upper opening is small. This is very important to match the gap size. If it is not appropriate, noise will occur and it will be easy to heat up, which will affect the operation of the equipment. The other is the gap between the eccentric bushing and the frame bushing. Here, the required value is large, but the load is increased and the noise is generated. Therefore, the matching clearance of key components must be set according to requirements.

2. Motion analysis of the device. During the operation of the cone crusher, inertial forces are generated, causing impact vibrations, which cause noise. At present, it is generally balanced by adding a counterweight to the large gear to reduce the impact vibration and reduce the noise in the hard top. However, when choosing a counterweight, try to be small, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the crusher.

3. The machining accuracy of the parts is not high. The design and processing of the cone crusher components are not qualified, or the precision is not high, resulting in poor overall quality of the components. It can be imagined that the installation of the equipment will affect the overall operation of the equipment, and the components will continue to be in the impact of repeated attacks. Friction, so that the noise of the equipment can not be fundamentally eliminated. In general, the internal factors are not eliminated and the noise will continue to exist.

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