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Why do you want to choose a cone crusher for breaking hard rock?

Author: Time:2019-09-09
For the cone crusher, it can process a large variety of materials, but it is not the same for all materials, some processing effects are good, some processing effects are not good, through the application of the machine It is said that the machine generally has a good effect on the processing of hard rock. Here is the reason for introducing this situation.

First, hard rock refers to harder ore, such as granite, basalt and other magmatic rocks, as well as iron, calcareous conglomerate, sandstone, limestone, dolomite and other sedimentary rocks. At work, the wear and tear on the equipment is large. This situation makes it impossible for all the equipment to complete the production of such materials. Generally, the cone crushing machine has a better effect. The main reasons are as follows:

The reason is that the cone crusher is mainly designed to rely on intergranular extrusion to achieve the crushing operation of the material. The laminating crushing has low loss on the wear parts of the equipment, so it is very suitable for the crushing and processing of hard rock such as iron ore;

The second reason is that the cone crusher has a large crushing ratio and low running cost, and the finished sandstone after the crushing treatment has uniform grain shape and high gradation, so the machine can be called as compared with other hard rock crushing equipment. The economical intelligent crusher, in addition, the machine also uses advanced hydraulic protection and hydraulic clearing technology in the design, hydraulic adjustment of the discharge opening and overload protection to improve its operating level, and simplify the maintenance procedures to make the operation more Convenient and concise, therefore, the return of using the machine to process hard rock is higher;

Secondly, let's analyze the process flow of the cone crusher for hard rock, mainly as follows: When the machine is working, under the rotation of the motor, the crushing cone rotates around the fixed eccentric sleeve to make a rotating motion, forcing the broken wall. Sometimes it is close to the surface of the rolling sill wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore will be subjected to continuous impact, extrusion and bending in the crushing chamber to achieve the crushing of the ore.

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