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Maintenance precautions for jaw crusher

Author: Time:2019-09-11
Jaw crusher is the most common primary crushing equipment. Maintenance is very important. The correct starting method of the jaw crusher is to start the oil pump motor and cooling system first. After 3-4 minutes, wait for the oil pressure and When the oil flow indicator is normal, restart the crusher motor. In this way, the jaw crusher can be operated normally, and the damage to the machine can be minimized, and the maintenance method of the jaw crusher is divided into the following types.

1.minor repairs: Every few months, check the vulnerable parts of the jaw crusher to see if it needs to add lubricant, whether it needs to be replaced, whether it needs to be tightened.

2. the middle repair: the middle repair every year or two, including all the work to be minor repairs, at the same time, also check or replace the damaged parts of the thrust plate and the liner.

3. Overhaul: The work of overhaul is the most cumbersome and very important. Overhaul requires all the work of intermediate repair and minor repair. It also checks the key components of the jaw crusher, such as turning the eccentric shaft and moving the mandrel. It is a component that will only be inspected and repaired during overhaul. Overhaul is generally carried out five years after the equipment is used.
In addition to the above maintenance skills, the most important thing is that the usual lubrication work should be done in place, which can improve the production efficiency of the jaw crusher. Our company mainly produces crushers. You are welcome to inquire.

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