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How to choose a high quality jaw crusher

Author: Time:2019-11-22
The jaw crusher is an indispensable crusher for the ore production line and acts as the first crusher. If the jaw crusher is selected properly, it will greatly reduce the pressure of the second break, thus improving the efficiency of the entire production line. Jiaozuo Zhongxin To answer your questions about how to choose a high quality jaw crusher.

1. Check the maximum feed side length and the discharge opening adjustment range in the technical parameters of the manufacturer's jaw crusher. These two indicators determine whether this type of jaw crusher can meet your needs. For example, if a customer feeds 300mm and the discharge size is about 45mm, then the jaw crusher of PE400×600 can be selected. The maximum feed length of the jaw crusher can reach 340mm, and the discharge port can be adjusted to the minimum. 40mm.

2. Check the quality of the jaw crusher liner. At present, jaw crushers have low technical thresholds and many manufacturers can produce them. However, the quality of jaw crushers produced by different manufacturers is quite different. Some small and medium-sized manufacturers are able to give customers very low prices. An important reason is in equipment. The use of low-cost and low-quality components on the parts makes it easy to reduce the productivity and life of the jaw crusher.

3. The body of the jaw crusher is cast iron or cast steel. This also affects the price and quality of the jaw crusher. The cast steel material is much more durable than the cast iron, and it also ensures the efficiency and discharge of the crusher. The quality of the cast-in-line jaw crusher is also relatively high, so it is not feasible to pursue low prices blindly.

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