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How to do the maintenance of the hammer of the impact crusher

Author: Time:2019-11-28
Impact crusher is a common crusher that can crush ore that is not very hard. The plate hammer is a vulnerable part of the impact crusher. If it is not used during daily use, the life of the plate hammer will be shortened ?

1) It is forbidden to cross the iron. If you hear the sound of metal knocking or see the ammeter showing overload, etc., you should immediately stop the machine, eliminate the foreign matter, and check the relevant rotating parts for damage before continuing to start feeding.

2) It is forbidden to start and stop with materials;

3) It is forbidden to enter a large piece of material in the counter cavity (exceeding the maximum feeding size in the instruction manual);

4) Must be fed centrally and evenly (the material is evenly distributed on the rotor);

5) Check the wear of the hammer and the condition of all bolts and their fasteners in each shift;

6) When installing, replacing or adjusting the hammer, pay attention to the weight of the hammer. The weight difference of the hammer in the symmetrical position should be controlled as small as possible to ensure that the rotor runs in balance before starting.

7) Regularly inspect the main parts of the machine such as hammers, impact liners, and wear of the liners, and establish a regular maintenance and replacement system in conjunction with the inspection cycle.

8) Be careful not to overload the machine, so as not to cause special damage to the machine and reduce the service life.

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