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Introduction to the correct method of selecting a cone crusher

Author: Time:2018-11-27
As the most commonly used crushing equipment for hard rock, cone crusher has high crushing ratio, low production efficiency, low energy consumption and good finished product effect, which brings high profits to the crushing work of sand and gravel industry. Now, with the development of society, the cone crusher has been developed into several types of crushing equipment. The choice of cone crusher is targeted, so how to choose the right cone crusher?

1. It is most appropriate to decide which cone crusher to choose based on the material being crushed. As long as the broken material is determined, the specific cone-breaking model can be selected according to the nature of the material such as hardness, abrasiveness, water content, and the like.

2, depends on the quality of the core components of the cone crusher. For the cone crusher, the core component is the rolling wall and the broken wall. The main reason is that the two parts are in direct contact with the material during the operation to grind the stone, so the appropriate cone crusher is determined. After the model number, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of its core components.

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