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How to maintain the jaw crusher

Author: Time:2018-11-30
Jaw crusher is an indispensable equipment for many ore production lines. Its efficiency and advantages are obvious after many years of practice. However, most of the crushers crushed are high hardness ore. If it is not properly maintained, it will be seriously shortened. The life of the crusher will also increase the cost of the entire production line. The engineers of Zhongxin Heavy Industry will introduce the maintenance tips of the jaw crusher.

The conditions for determining the effect of the jaw crusher include equipment quality, process mix, installation basis, commissioning status, proper maintenance and operation methods. For the user, we only need to do the last two. The first few steps have crusher manufacturers. Completion, but the user must consider the strength of the equipment manufacturer, so as to choose excellent cooperation partners for themselves. Maintenance of the crusher is to replace the worn parts, add and replace lubricants, and tighten the bolts. The purpose of this is to keep the jaw crusher working stably and effectively.

Consumable parts are always present in mechanical equipment, but the degree of wear and wear resistance are different. The consumable parts of the jaw crusher are edge guards, dental plates, brackets and V-belts. When they are subjected to certain wear, they will affect the performance of the crusher, so we should replace them at the right time. The purchase of accessories cannot be done when the jaw crusher is in urgent need of replacement. We should reserve the corresponding accessories at ordinary times for the occasional need.

The operation method of the crusher is also to be paid attention to during the use process. Although the production process of the modern crusher manufacturer is basically automated, a button can determine the start and stop of the device, but this is only a superficial meaning. How to add materials to the jaw crusher, each time or hourly feed is strictly required, including feed size and so on.

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