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Cobblestone processing choice Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Author: Time:2019-05-13
 Cobblestone is regarded as a high-quality raw material for the production of sand and gravel aggregates. It is a pure natural stone due to the relatively hard material. It is also the main source of the current mechanism sand, and is widely used in public buildings, villas, courtyard buildings, paving roads, park rockeries, bonsai filling materials, garden buildings and other high-rise superstructures.
    There are several types of cobblestone crushers, which can be purchased according to the fineness and hardness of the processed materials. The most common ones are jaw crusher, vertical impact crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. Types, according to the particle size of the discharge, the two processes need to be coarsely broken and finely broken, so that the first stage breaks and the second stage breaks; the equipment is selected according to the hardness of the cobblestone, and the hardness of the cobblestones in different areas is different. It is necessary to select the cobblestone crusher according to the crushing strength.
    Since the pebbles belong to the hard texture, the selection of the crusher is very important. The correct choice of crusher reduces the wear of the wearing parts, prolongs the life of the machine, and ensures the efficiency of the work. Why should we choose the vertical impact for the mining of the quarry? The crusher is used to break the pebbles, and Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry will give you the following answers:


Why use a vertical impact crusher for broken cobblestones?
1. Reduce the wear of consumable parts and extend the life of the machine. As we all know, the main chemical composition of pebbles is silica, the hardness of the material. If you use a hammer crusher, it is not only the wear of wearing parts such as counter-attacks, but also the output is very low. Relying on the crushing mechanism of vertical impact crusher, hard materials such as pebbles greatly improve the crushing ratio and production, and also reduce the loss to low wearing parts and extend the life of the machine.
2, high quality sand stone aggregate. In addition to broken pebbles, vertical impact crusher crushing, coarse grinding function, the material produced not only completes a good split layer cube material more than 90%, uniform particle size, and reasonable level.
3, the vertical impact crusher's crushing force, pebbles, breaking in the same machine, can provide greater capacity. The modular design of the vertical impact crusher can achieve a wide range of applications by adjusting the size of the cavity and breaking it.

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