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Broken cobblestone selection Impact Crusher or jaw crusher?

Author: Time:2019-05-15
Pebble is a kind of rock that grows in sandstone mountains. Due to the construction of highways and urbanization, coupled with the soaring in recent years, the demand for gravel for construction is increasing, due to the distribution of rock and pebble resources. Uneven, the artificial gravel in some areas is relatively short, so we have to turn to broken cobblestone as the main sandstone material; then choose the broken cobblestone equipment, is it the choice of Impact Crusher or jaw crusher?

First, the pebbles are broken and choose to Impact Crusher
Impact Crusher is also a counter-crusher. The machine that breaks the cobblestone material by using impact force has a unique structural design, which can crush various materials with a feed particle size of not more than 500mm and a pressure resistance of not more than 350mpa. When the cobblestone chooses to Impact Crusher When breaking the crushing operation, we can see:
1. When the pebbles enter the Impact Crusher deep cavity, the device adopts the keyless connection and has the characteristics of impact resistance and anti-wear. Therefore, when processing cobblestone operation, the operation is very convenient, economical and reliable.
2. Because the Impact Crusher feed port is large and the broken deep cavity is good, a large amount of cobblestone material can be passed at one time, so that the production of the finished product is high and the efficiency is high.
3. The anti-shock structure is compact, the machine is rigid, and the rotor has a large moment of inertia, which makes the whole equipment run with small wear and high comprehensive benefits.
In addition, the Impact Crusher is mainly a medium- and fine-crushing equipment, and the main equipment for the primary crushing of the material after the primary crushing operation.


Second, the cobblestone crush selection jaw crusher
The jaw crusher is a relatively early crusher, but with the continuous innovation of technology, the current jaw crusher also has different performances in design and production capacity. When the cobblestone crushing selection jaw crusher, we can see :
1. The jaw crusher has a sealed design, which can greatly reduce the amount of dust generated during the processing of cobblestones and reduce pollution emissions.
2. Because the equipment is broken deep cavity, it can improve the feeding capacity and output, and can create better profits for the enterprise.
3, the jaw crusher as the main primary crushing equipment, plus the gasket type discharge opening device, can easily adjust the size of the discharge size, to meet the different needs of users.


Third, broken cobblestone selection Impact Crusher or jaw crusher?
After the above analysis, we can know that as long as the Impact Crusher is a medium and fine crushing equipment, and the jaw crusher is a primary crushing equipment, the two equipments have their own advantages, mainly depending on the specific production needs of the users. Select.

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