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Zhongxin cone crusher maintenance matters

Author: Time:2019-05-21
 At present, there are three main maintenance methods for mine cone crushers, namely preventive maintenance, fault repair and production maintenance. Preventive maintenance is to arrange maintenance time according to the running condition of the equipment during normal operation, thereby reducing the incidence of failure and maintaining the performance of the equipment in a good state. Fault repair refers to maintenance when the equipment fails. This is an after-the-fact repair and there is no planned maintenance. The production maintenance is determined according to the degree of the role of the equipment in the production and operation activities, and the preventive maintenance is applied to important equipment.

Cone broken overhaul. The overhaul of the cone is carried out according to the use of the equipment. The overhaul needs to be prepared every year, and then submitted to the higher authorities for approval. Only after the approval of the higher authorities can the equipment be overhauled, and the overhaul is completed. The functional department, the repair unit and the user unit can only be put into use after acceptance, and the equipment that has not been inspected needs to be re-repaired and directly accepted, otherwise the maintenance cost will not be settled.
    Establish and improve the maintenance management system for the downhole cone. It includes the work standards of equipment management personnel, various quota standards for maintenance and repair, maintenance technical standards, economic management standards, and management standards for various technologies, thus forming a scientific and effective modern maintenance management system.
    Strengthen the use and maintenance management of mine cones. If the use and operation of the cone is not standardized, it may cause equipment hazards. Therefore, mining enterprises should strengthen the training of the skills and qualities of cone-cutting use, repair and maintenance personnel, improve and improve the rules and regulations of equipment management, and strictly implement the rules and regulations; further improve including maintenance, inspection, class inspection, regular maintenance, Daily maintenance such as inspections.

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