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Common problems and solutions for Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Author: Time:2019-05-23
 The single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is highly valued by many ore processing companies for its extremely efficient crushing performance. So what are the problems with single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers in the face of different equipment use environments? What should we do when faced with these problems?

1. Dust prevention.
    Due to the influence of the external environment, the external fan of the dustproof system of the crusher is seriously blocked and cannot directly observe the wind. The wind pressure is often caused by the failure to replace the filter element in time, the dustproof effect is poor, and the lubricating oil is frequently replaced. If the filter element is replaced regularly, it will cause unnecessary waste. To this end, it is proposed to add a pressure control valve on the dustproof air outlet to replace the filter element in time and effectively control the wind pressure.

    2. Cooling problem.
    For example, the lubrication system of two crushers in a factory is in a small space about 2m below the ground plane, and the poor ventilation has a great impact on the air-cooling system. Since the air is not circulated, although cooling facilities such as fans and ice cubes have been added, the air-cooling effect is still not satisfactory, so the protection temperature has to be increased, which is disadvantageous to the crusher. To solve the problem completely, we can only start from the aspects of cooling fan displacement, lubrication system civil engineering transformation and cooling mode modification.

    3. The problem of adjustment of the discharge port.
    In the initial stage of replacing the new liner, the crushing port can reach the set value of about 13m; however, after the liner is worn to a certain extent, the discharge port is enlarged to about 18mm, which cannot be adjusted downward; when the liner wears to the later stage The discharge port reaches about 20mm, which basically does not have a crushing effect. For this reason, measures have been taken to adjust the eccentricity from the original 50 mm to 40 mm. After adopting this measure, although the throughput of the crusher has been reduced, the discharge port can be maintained at about 13 mm, which is conducive to increasing the qualified grain size in the ore discharge and reducing the return of the cage.


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