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How to reduce the phenomenon of crusher card machine

Author: Time:2019-06-18
 In the case of using the crusher, the card machine should now appear more frequently, which will cause time and economic loss to the user during use, resulting in the following situations of the crusher card machine. These can effectively avoid the occurrence of the card machine phenomenon.

1. Lubricating oil does not meet the standard. Too much lubricating oil, too little, and deterioration of pollution will affect the lubrication effect of the equipment, thus reducing the rotation speed of the equipment, resulting in a reduction of the crushing effect of the equipment. The material is piled up inside the crushing chamber and is not easy to discharge, so it appears The phenomenon of blockage.

2. The wearing parts are worn out, which causes the crushing size of the material to be too large. In the process of screening, there will be a phenomenon that the material is not smooth, which is easy to cause the crusher to clog.

3, the feed rate is too fast, the crusher is not as good as the crusher. If the feed is not uniform during the crushing process and the speed is too fast, the material in the crushing chamber will not be discharged, which will cause serious blockage of the equipment.

4, the discharge port is not smooth, the crusher is generally installed higher, there is a conveyor under the conveyor, but this does not prevent the material will fall under the conveyor, if the accumulation of materials under the conveyor is more and more, then Will seriously affect the normal discharge of the crusher.

5. The screen below the crusher has problems such as rust and blockage, which leads to slow discharge and damage to the crusher.

6, the voltage is unstable, when the equipment is broken, the voltage is unstable, the crusher can not reach the normal speed, which will easily cause equipment blockage.

7. The material is too large, and the broken material is too large, which causes the wear of various parts of the equipment to be serious. If the time is long, the phenomenon of blockage will occur. Once the crusher is clogged, it will affect the future use and affect the work efficiency. Therefore, when using it in peacetime, be sure to pay attention to the method of use to ensure that the device can be used normally.

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