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Introduction to the performance advantages of the Impact crusher

Author: Time:2019-06-20
 Impact Crusher is mainly used for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower and other materials that often need to be relocated, especially for the breakage of fluid stones such as railways, highways and hydropower projects. Once launched, Impact Crusher has received the attention of users and has been widely used. The reason why Impact Crusher is widely used is favored by customers because the impact crusher has the following performance advantages that cannot be ignored.


1. Impact Crusher is suitable for a wide range of materials
On the one hand, Impact Crusher can handle hard materials with a compressive strength of no more than 350 MPa. When Impact Crusher is broken, the hammer is fixed on the rotor by the mechanical clamping structure, and has a large rotational inertia as the rotor rotates. Compared with the hammer crusher, the counter-broken rotor has greater kinetic energy and can be broken. Harder materials and lower energy consumption.
On the other hand, Impact Crusher can handle materials with a large water content. The feed chute and the counter-attack plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device, and when the material with a large water content is processed, the bottom sieve plate is not required, and the material can be effectively prevented from being bonded only by heating. It not only simplifies the structure of the equipment, but also improves the crushing efficiency.

2, anti-crusher discharge size adjustment methods are diverse
Impact Crusher has obvious advantages in the adjustment of the discharge size. Compared with other crushers, the size of the discharge opening can be adjusted to adjust the size of the discharge. The reverse crusher can adjust the product granularity in three ways. First: adjust the rotor speed or rotor diameter, increase the speed or speed of the rotor to increase the rotor diameter, can extend the crushing time, thereby adjusting the product size, can also increase the output and improve the material crushing efficiency. Second: change the product size by adjusting the feeder. Adjusting the feeder to adjust the opening of the feeder can increase the material overflow supply flow, limit the collision movement of the material in the crushing chamber, shorten the residence time of the material particles in the crushing chamber, and improve the passing ability of the crusher. Third: Adjust the gap of the grinding chamber to change the particle size of the finished product. The gap adjustment of the grinding chamber is mainly adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic type, and the hydraulic type can quickly and conveniently operate the button or the control system to complete the gap adjustment.

3. The wear-resistant parts of Impact Crusher are less worn.
The wear of Impact Crusher plate hammer is only present on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the material will fall on the surface of the hammer, and the back and sides of the hammer will not be worn, even if it is worn on the side of the material. And the bottom grinding rod is also easy to replace. The metal utilization rate of Impact Crusher plate hammer can be as high as 45% - 48%.

4. The parts of Impact Crusher are easy to replace and easy to maintain.
Only 6 hammers are installed on the rotor of the counter crusher. The special tools provided by our company can be used to replace the hammers. It takes only one shift to replace a set of hammers. The replacement of the grinding rods only takes tens of minutes. Can greatly reduce the time for repair and replacement.

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