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Analysis of production reduction of cone crusher equipment

Author: Time:2019-07-03
The cone crusher is a very important equipment for the ore crushing production line. It is suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing in the production line. It is widely used in construction, mining, petroleum, metallurgy, highway, railway and other fields. At present, there are many types of cone crushers on the market, and the models are all full, supporting the domestic small, medium and large gravel production line gravel processing.

As we all know, most ore processing companies choose the cone crusher because the output is relatively large, and the grain size is good. If the output is reduced, is there no advantage? Then it seems that there is no point in buying a cone crusher. The following is the main reason why Jiaoxin Zhongxin analyzes the cone crusher equipment for your production:

First, the degree of wear of the crushing chamber, the crushing process of the cone crusher is mainly done by the crushing chamber. If the crushing chamber is seriously worn, the material cannot be broken between layers, which seriously reduces the production capacity of the equipment.

Second, the size of the crushing force, the crushing force of the cone crusher directly affects the efficiency of the equipment, which is related to the working capacity of the hydraulic station of the equipment, so we should pay attention to the capacity of the hydraulic station when selecting the equipment, otherwise the crushing force can not be lifted. How can the output go up?

Third, the daily maintenance of the equipment, the inside of the cone crusher is mainly by the extrusion between the moving vertebra and the fixed cone to complete the crushing, so the wear efficiency of these parts will be reduced, which requires us to carry out daily equipment Maintenance, regular replacement of spare parts to ensure the output of the cone crusher.

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