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The importance of springs on cone crushers

Author: Time:2019-07-09
Cone crusher is a common processing machinery for ore crushing. Cone crusher is a large-scale processing equipment for ore. It is composed of many parts. Jiaozuo Zhongxin focuses on reminding users to pay attention to the spring of cone crusher. When the spring is damaged, it is required to be replaced in time. Xiaobian and everyone talk about the importance of the spring for the cone crusher equipment.

The safety shield of the cone crusher is a spring, so the user needs to be cautious when updating the device spring. The overload protection device of the cone crusher is a spring safety system, which can ensure that the foreign matter does not pose a hazard to the equipment when passing through the crushing chamber. When replacing the spring, everyone should pay attention to keep the pressure of the spring in the cone crusher consistent with the crushing force of the cone crusher.

When the cone crusher is working normally, the spring of the cone crusher will not move; when the foreign matter such as iron block enters the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, the spring of the cone crusher will act as a support sleeve to avoid foreign matter. Harm to the cone crusher equipment. Therefore, the spring is very important for the cone crusher.

When working under overload, there is a jump in the upper part of the cone crusher. In this case, it is necessary to find out the cause and then solve the problem for the cause. If such a problem is not solved, the spring abnormality of the cone crusher will cause damage to the entire cone crusher mechanical equipment, resulting in the cone crusher not being able to be used normally for the ore crushing process.

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