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  • How to Choose the Suitable Basalt Crusher


    Basalt has strong compressive strength and other advantages, and more are used for road construction, etc., while the high hardness of basalt, Zhongxin Heavy Industry for you a brief introduction of the basalt crusher selection considerations.
  • Causes of Damage to Motor of vertical shaft impact crusher


    Sand making machine motor can easily be burned, which will lead to the entire production line downtime, causing losses to the enterprise. Sand making machine motor burn out the main reasons are the following: 1. Motor heating pipe conductive wire burned. 2. Motor heating tube burned out. 3. Sand machine equipment motor fan reversal. Reasonable prevention and correct operation Sand making machine is the key to prevent the motor from overheating.
  • Circular vibrating screen bearings use heat and maintenance reasons


      1. Due to the uneven foundation or the incorrect installation of the spring seat, the abnormal movement of the screen body is caused, causing the vibrating
  • Bluestone sand making machine has strong breaking ability


      Bluestone is a common name for limestone and is a stone with environmentally friendly properties. Bluestone is easy to use, has a large natural stock, wear-
  • Application of jaw crusher in stone crushing


    There are two kinds of jaw crushers, namely the compound pendulum jaw crusher and the simple pendulum jaw crusher. 
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