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What should be paid attention to when the cone crusher is used in the later stage?

Author: Time:2019-07-25
The new cone crusher will be more efficient and can meet our production needs, but as time goes by, the cone crusher will have unsatisfactory discharge and low output in the later stage of use. The maintenance is not in place. Below we understand what needs to be paid attention to in the next maintenance.

1. The ore must be given in the middle of the distribution plate. It is not allowed to directly feed the ore into the crushing chamber. Because it is easy to overload the crusher, the liner is unevenly worn.
2. The output of the crusher.
3. Replacement of the rolling wall.
4. Replacement of the cone crushing wall.
5. Gear meshing.
6, bowl bearings and sealing devices.
7. The cylindrical bushing and the frame are the third transition fit. In order to prevent the rotation of the bushing, the zinc alloy is injected into the upper groove of the bushing. When replacing the new bushing, it should be prepared according to the actual size of the frame, because After a long period of work and loading and unloading, the crusher will inevitably lead to a change in the coordination relationship. If the gap is too large, the bushing will be broken.
8. Conical bushing and spring inspection.
9. The exposed part of the machine should be covered with a protective cover.

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