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What improvements have been made to the jaw crusher bearing installation?

Author: Time:2019-07-29
In the process of jaw crusher operation, if the bearing has wear, deformation, corrosion, etc., the performance of the equipment will be degraded, the expected efficiency and the crushing effect will not be achieved, and the cause of the damage is related to the installation. For example, if the bushing will form a step after a period of use, the bushing and the shaft can not form a close fit, then the bearing can not assist the production process normally, so in the installation, the improvement aspects are mainly as follows Aspects:

1. The position of the eccentric shaft taper bearing, the high point of the step position is ground away, and the ruler is placed to observe the no light, then the big end of the bell mouth of the equipment bearing sleeve is cut off 8~10mm;

2, the repair work of the parts, because the eccentric shaft thread is damaged, can not be tightened with nuts, so you can use a thick 16mm steel plate, and use a lathe to process it into a ring, the inner diameter of the ring and the inner diameter of the small end of the bearing sleeve is the same, the outer diameter The outer diameter of the nut of the bearing sleeve is the same. After the ring, nut, bearing and set are in place, the ring and the shaft are equally symmetrically welded at six points. Each section of the weld is 20mm. When welding, pay attention to the welding time. Intermittently, to prevent the bearing of the jaw crusher from being heated more;

3. After the repair, after the welding, tighten the nut to the ring, so that the bearing sleeve moves in the opposite direction and the shaft is tightened. This operation is more important. Then the ring and the bearing nut are welded by electric welding at 2 points. The nut can be fixed, and the weld length can be 10mm. In the process of disassembly, only the weld point needs to be ground. The bearing installed by this method has a long service life.

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